DevTeamSix is a company that works in the crypto space to develop WEB3 powered products.
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The Scope

Web Design

DevTeamSix wanted a clean website that showcased its products and services. The company also asked to focus on humanizing the company.

Web Development

I created DevTeamSix's company site using Webflow. This site had many advanced animations and also included a company life video.
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Final Design

The final design solidified the final brand feel of the site. A dark mode theme was decided early on using red as an accent color. This stage also included a fully edited company life video that included many B-roll shots of the company edited in Adobe Premiere.
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Check out DevTeamSix

Click the button below to be taken to the DevTeamSix site.
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My other projects



A crypto exchange where users can trade currencies on a decentralized platform.


SquadWars is an amazing race-style event that is taking place across America.

Frequently asked questions

What is your experience.

I first got my degree in Digital Design with an emphasis in Web Design at Grand Canyon University. While getting my degree. I worked at a social media startup where I designed the company site, digital social media stickers, and pitched potential app features. Currently, I work at a crypto company pioneering new WEB3 powered sites. During my time here, I have designed crypto exchange platforms, NFT utility sites, and crypto browser games.

Are you open for available for hire?

Yes, I am. Please contact me below if you are interested in hiring me full-time.

What does pricing look like for you to build me a website?

Every site I create has a unique price based off of the scope of the project and the budget proposed. I have listed past sites I have created and a range for what I charged for them on my hire me page. Please compare those sites to the project you have in mind.

Average response time?

A response from me is usually at max two days.

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